Replacing Fence Panels 2

If you have ever had to clean up your garden after a storm, you know how exhausting it can be; now add in having to deal with fence panels that have been blown all over the garden; or prying the broken one’s off the fence; what a miserable job! Not the way most of us would want to spend our day’s off! People all over the country had to deal with their fair share of bad weather and as a result end up dealing with messy issues in our yards and gardens due to the elements including windy, rainy storms that cause damaged fence panels, discolouration issues, outdoor furniture damage and more.

Replacing wood fencing panels is an undertaking that will eat up hours of your time depending on how many you need to replace. Damaged or broken wooden fence panels can be a real eyesore and provide easy access for pests and leave unwanted openings that let pets or precocious children out that you want kept in. Needless to say, it is important to have them replaced as soon as possible.

The first step includes gathering up broken panels or removing the damaged panels from the fence which will involve either removing screws or, if they are mounted to a horizontal beam with nails, you will need to pry the nails out. You may also want to try hammering the back of the panel to open a gap between the panel and the beam. Once you have your gap, you can wedge the wonder bar or crowbar in an attempt to pry off the damaged panel. Whether all of your fencing panels need to be replaced or just a few, replacing them can still be a challenging job, even knowing what qualities to look for can take a lot of research..

When it comes to replacing fencing panels, consider the fact that it’s almost like building a new fence, especially if you have to replace several. If the fencing problems you’ve experienced relate back to the quality of the fencing, it is strongly recommended that you go for pressure treated panels this time around if you didn’t before. If you want durable, long lasting panels, it’s always important to give special consideration to the materials that you use, choosing treated lumber that’s approved for ground contact. It’s also a good idea to apply a waterproofing sealer, a stain or paint once you’ve replaced the panels, either making them match the originals or going for a new color all together. In addition, use weather resistant exterior screws and galvanized nails as well.

With Garden Fencing London, you will find a wide variety of high quality fencing panels to choose from, more than likely including the panels that compliment the one’s you need replaced. Take your time browsing around the website and feel free to call us on 0208 320 7797 with any questions you may have or free advice. We have been supplying quality fencing products in the London area for over 25 years and we can even arrange to have your fence panels installed for you if you’d rather do something fun with your free time.