Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo screen fencing is the smart, sustainable, cheap but naturally beautiful choice for your garden; in fact it is so attractive that a lot of people use it to accent areas inside of their home. At you will find a high quality, diverse selection of bamboo colors and textures and other natural materials that provide sustainable alternatives to traditional lumber as well.

The products you find on our website are some of the finest in the UK and are available in a number of heights, lengths and diameters that will suit any project you may have in mind; including outdoor garden spaces that will also beautifully enhance your yard and make elegant boundaries that will accent any landscaping layout.

Naturally Durable
Bamboo is known for its resilience and longevity, standing up to all types of weather and pests. Most of the invasive insects that wear down and split traditional wooden fences do not have an effect on bamboo. In addition, with the appropriate maintenance, bamboo fencing will withstand the test of time.

Environmentally Friendly
Bamboo fencing does not have a significant impact on the environment, in contrast to traditional lumber. Bamboo plays an essential role in the decrease of timber usage, forest and environmental protection, poverty relief and the eco friendly awareness of rural economies. Traditional wood takes years to grow back and trees need to be planted and allowed to grow back to their full length. Unlike conventional wood, bamboo is cut at the base and can re-grow from said root base without replanting it which makes it a highly sustainable choice.

Variety of Applications
The uses for bamboo are only limited by your imagination. You can use bamboo screen fencing to form a patterned perimeter or an attractive privacy fence. You can use bamboo fencing to encompass your patio, deck, or any other area where a fun, tropical or Asian theme. You can use it in an upscale, contemporary home to create a “Zen” like ambiance. Bamboo fencing can also be a great addition for an anything from a rustic cottage setting to creating a beach house theme. We carry a great selection to choose from that will work beautifully for any of your needs when it comes to creating a striking room in your home or a garden oasis.

Variety of Colors and Styles
You will find a wide variety of styles and colors on the website that will make it easy to coordinate with your outdoor or indoor decor. Along with natural bamboo fencing you will find several other styles to choose from including a natural burnt look, natural black and mahogany bamboo fencing and is available in many differing sizes as well.

At Garden Fencing London we are proud to provide access to a large inventory of bamboo fence panels, posts and additional bamboo materials, all of the highest quality. If you are considering this kind of fencing for your home, we can provide you with the best, helping you enhance your landscaping project with fencing that will provide you with a look you are going to love, sustainability you will appreciate, at a price you can afford. We have a well trained staff with years of fencing experience that will be happy to answer all of your questions; simply give us a call.

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