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"Highly reliable and respectful. I was consulted every time a decision was required when an out of the ordinary problem occurred (my garden is on 3 levels). Very professional."

Fencing Services

Jacksons Fences

Jacksons contemporary fences are made from handcrafted and superior quality treated softwood that is guaranteed for 25 years.

Venetian Jackson Fences

Standard Fencing

Garden Fencing London has been providing London's home and business owners with high quality fencing for affordable price.

Wooden Fences

Red Cedar Fencing

Red cedar fencing is practical and beautiful, complimenting your outdoor spaces into an aesthetically pleasing, private escapes.

Red Cedar Fences

Jacksons 2020 Panels

If you need advice or help designing your fences, our team will be happy to provide you with a wealth of practical yet creative tips.

Jacksons 2020 New Panels

Welded Wire Mesh

Wire mesh fencing has a wide range of benefits and it is the ideal choice for locations that require medium to high level security.

Welded Wire Mesh Fence

Security Fencing

Security fences are the perfect choice if you are looking for additional privacy and security, keeping the outside world just that; outside.

Security fencing

Palisade Fencing

Steel palisade fencing, which is widely used in the UK, provides a formidable barrier due to the solid manufacturing that uses cold roll formed steel sections.

Palisade fencing

Wrought Iron Fences

Wrought iron fencing with e-finish coating will resist corrosion and provide you with many years of maintenance free protection.

Wrought iron fencing

Custom Iroko Gates

Another advantage of wood gate options is that they provide outstanding look and protection from garden pests and provide privacy.

Custom Gates

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Steel palisade fencing, which is widely used in the UK, provides a formidable barrier due to the solid manufacturing that uses cold roll formed steel sections that are specifically designed to provide rigidity and strength and also provides excellent performance standard height. The fencing’s forbidding look and the inherent durability of the pales (heads) provide a powerful deterrent to possible intruders.

The fencing’s sharp, pale crest, smooth surface and narrow spacing defeats any attempt of intruders to straddle, climb, or gain foot holds. The innovative, engineered strength of each metal pale profile also resists attempts to ram, dislocate, bend, pry, or dismantle installation.

Wire Mesh Fencing Benefits

One of the primary benefits of palisade fencing over other fencing products made out of mesh, chain link, timber of other wooden fencing products is that it’s designed to follow the contour of sloping ground. This special characteristic lowers the chance of any over sized gaps that can be experienced with other kinds of fencing that can cause security issues.


Palisade Head Styles

As palisade fencing providers, Garden Fencing London supplies both the W section style of palisade fencing and the D section style. The integrity of the fencing is maintained by two sturdy horizontal rails. The D head style versions are more traditional, and W section provided added security.

The W section profile gives extra protection over the D section to the pale fixing on the attack side of the fence. The W Section itself is also an inherently stronger profile than D. W pale and anti-vandal fixings in place of the standard rivets give additional security and vandal resistant characteristics. Palisade swing gates to go with steel palisade security fencing are available in both sliding and hinged styles with automation if required.


Palisade Fencing Materials Include:

  • Low carbon or stainless steel wire
  • Highest quality mild steel for added protection from dismantling
  • Available in varied finishes that include powder coated and galvanised options. The finish choices are usually based on the aesthetic appeal you’re going after and affect both the fence and the gate.



The unique style palisade fencing makes it the ideal choice creating a boundary for residences, companies and along highways and railways for added protection. As mentioned before, the key advantage of steel palisade fencing is the optimum security it provides and that it’s virtually impossible to climb, making it the perfect choice for premises where keeping intruders out is crucial. When it comes to ‘cheap’, palisade fencing may not be the lowest priced fencing option, but its many benefits still make it a viable choice if you’re looking for security.

We are here to assist you with your palisade fencing project. Our experience in the fencing industry and the skills of our palisades fencing and gate installation contractors will ensure your property is efficiently protected. For advice or to discuss your specific requirements for palisade fencing and gates, feel free to contact us. Our team of professionals are here to provide you with the excellent customer service we are known for and we guarantee you will be completely satisfied with the outcome.

The Best Fencing Solutions

In terms of selecting a fence company, it is important that you choose a company that provides the highest standard of service, at affordable prices. If you decide to have us assist you with the purchase and installation (if necessary) of your new fence, you will be ensuring that you will achieve, 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Not only do we consider ourselves to be a part of your success team from start to finish, we hope that your satisfaction with our services will encourage you to refer us to anyone you know that may eventually need high quality, long lasting fencing.