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Versatile Trellis Fencing Creates Captivating Setting for Your Garden

(Garden Trellis Fencing Company/ posted: 2015)
Garden trellis fencing is cheap, practical and beautiful, complimenting your outdoor spaces into an aesthetically pleasing, private escape, decorating them with foliage. Trellis fencing makes it possible for you to create stylish privacy without being completely closed off, making it a great alternative to conventional fencing. Why not set the scene for the visitors you invite into your garden with a magnificent trellis and pergola? They will never want to leave!

Whether wood or metal, a garden trellis creates the perfect backdrop for outdoor living spaces. A trellis fence is a great way to create vertical greenery in your yard, while enhancing your privacy. While it might take some time for your plants to grow up onto the fencing it will be well worth the wait.

Trellis fencing is so versatile that we thought we would share some creative ways to use it here. A good example would be to use long sectional trellis fencing to create the perfect place for potting benches, tools, yet with enough room to get creative while hiding unsightly bits of this and that out of view. You can also use trellising to guide guests past the front entry and out to the backyard for outdoor activities. The composition of this fencing options’ panels, when adorned with foliage or perhaps an edible garden, basically provides the same privacy as a fence but is far more enchanting.

Besides providing privacy and creating a smooth transition from one outdoor space to another it can also act as a rustic yet elegant background for plants, perhaps shrubs of roses. You can get creative with trellis panels as well, maybe wrapping them around a patio, providing an enchanting place to relax, read a book and take full advantage of the peaceful haven you have created in your yard. Trellis fencing is also often used to separate distinct area’s in the landscaping, examples being to separate a water garden from the rest of the yard, letting soothing breezes pass through.

Outdoor areas take on an instant charm when an enclosure is established. Latticework trellis provides a captivating backdrop for café chairs and a table, providing you with a sense of shelter without feeling enclosed. If you have a large enough yard, you can also divide it into separate beautiful areas for play, dining and conversation and other outdoor activities, adding gates and arbors to serve as doorways.

We hope you have found some of the ideas listed here inspiring and as you browse through the website you will find many different styles of trellis fencing that can help plan for your fencing project, ranging from the more contemporary slatted trellis panels to classic options, both available in a variety of different colours, sure to suit your personal tastes and requirements. Feel free to give us a call with any questions about what you see on the site or if you would like a quote for our fencing installation services. Our team of fencing experts are here to assist you and pride themselves on offering our customers complete satisfaction.

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